Flow Cytometry

About the equipment

Flow cytometry with image - Amnis ImageStream

This equipment combines two powerful technologies, flow cytometry and immunofluorescent imaging of all events. The equipment allows the quantification of fluorescence intensity in suspended cells, a characteristic common to all flow cytometers. However, it has the differential of providing images of all cells analyzed, since it is equipped with fluorescence microscopy objective lenses. The combination of the two technologies in a single test offers greater security in the definition of populations, directly impacting the safety of quantitative data, since by selecting a particular event in the dot plot it is possible to visualize the marking profile of the desired event. Besides, the equipment has 96-well plate input which allows the acquisition of all the samples in an automated way. Therefore, Amnis Image Stream is the only equipment available on the market capable of quantitative and qualitative analysis of microparticles inside suspended cells, immunological synapses and fluorescence marking distribution profile, being essential for the development of the present project, mainly in the performance of drug delivery experiments, in addition to all other applications of conventional flow cytometry

Scheduling / contact

Flow cytometry with image - Amnis ImageStream

Technical Responsible: Dra. Lauren Camargo
email: lauren.camargo@butantan.gov.br
Phone number: (11) 2627 3740 / 2627 3734